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Why do i want a possessive boyfriend

Being possessive in a relationship is very normal. After all, you want to show your care for this person and in the process, you may get too attached to the one you love. Unless you have crossed all the stages of love, you will continue to be possessive because you are scared of losing this person. When he shows his possessive side, you feel at the top of the world as you only find yourself so much desired by your partner. However, what if that crosses the line and you feel suffocated with his possessive behaviour? Here are a few signs that you should be aware of so that you can tell what is controlling and possessive.

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What your jealous feelings are telling you (and what you should do about them)

To possess is to own. When you bought an object, you naturally become the owner of that object. When you love something so much, you want to see it every day, and hold and put it by your side every minute of the day. This kind of love is difficult when applied to human beings. It is constricting and restrictive. What to do if you are in such a relationship with a guy?

Was this helpful? Yes No I need help Contents 1 What are the signs that you have a possessive boyfriend? During the earlier part of the relationship, you may be overwhelmed by your feelings of affection and love, so much so that you see his consistent SMS and calls as thoughtfulness. After some time, you will notice that even after months of maintaining the relationship with him, he seems to be the same.

You may even notice that he gets angry when you don't tell him where you're going and what you're doing all the time. He's always there when you need him, and also when you just want to be alone and do stuff on your own. Advertisement Was this step helpful? Yes No I need help 2 He gets extremely jealous of almost everyone you know.

At some point in the relationship, your boyfriend will get jealous from other guys who try to get close to you. However, if your boyfriend is possessive, he may get jealous of almost everyone, including the time you spend with friends, whether male or female.

He may always try to find a way for you not to go with them, like setting an out-of-town trip or saying he needs your company to do something important. Yes No I need help 3 He decides on practically everything. He may try to take over your life. He can drive you to work, pick you up religiously, cook for you and decide what clothes you should wear for the day. This behavior starts slowly and you can become accustomed to it, so that you don't notice it at all.

It may, at first, seem to be a refreshing change for you, especially if you are an extremely busy person. In the long run, however, it will make you feel restrained.

Was this step helpful? Yes No I need help How to deal with it? Ask the reasons why your boyfriend is doing all these things. After he states all the reasons, appreciate it and recognize them as helpful. However, state the reasons why you would want him to do otherwise. Make a list of reasons why it is better for him to stop what he is doing. Include in your reasons that it makes you feel controlled and unhappy. Yes No I need help 2 Assure him of your feelings for him.

Possessive people have intrinsic reasons for being so. Find out why. It may be rooted in a past relationship where he had been so trusting and relaxed that he did not notice his partner was falling for someone else.

It may also be caused by his losing a significant person in his life through death or other uncontrollable means. He therefore becomes possessive, thinking that if he knows where you are and what you're doing, he can control you and will not lose you.

Yes No I need help 3 Set a specific time for you to be alone to do your stuff. Make him understand that every individual needs to be alone to do what they need to do for themselves. Set concrete examples of couples you both know that have successful loving relationships without the controlling behavior.

Yes No I need help Bear in mind that for trees to grow and bear fruit, they should be planted far apart from each other. If not, there would be no room to grow.

The roots become entangled with the other trees, constricting the supply of nutrients, stunting its growth. It is the same with human beings. There should be ample time for lovers away from each other so they can grow and mature. My boyfriend tells me what to do, how to dress and gives me curfews all in the name of protecting me but I am feeling smothered by his possessive, perfectionist ways..

I have tried: I have tried sneaking away from him to have fun every now and then.. I think it was caused by: He was raised by a very strict parents who believe the woman should be obedient to the man. Yes No I need help There are couples where one person takes a dominant role and the other is submissive.

Ultimate control over a person works both for males and females, and there are couples where a man has no right in the house because he has taken a submissive role. If you do nothing, you may lose a lot of your friends, your hobbies, and even a job sometimes. Follow the article advice. If it does not help, please realize that you can either live with it throughout your life with the hope that the reins will be loosened over time or start to search for a new partner who would treat you as equal.

If his grip is really smothering to you, you can start mirroring your boyfriend's behavior to make him realize how hard it is for you. Do not let him go out alone, ask him to call you every 30 minutes, video-call him, demand him to explain where he has been if he is late, etc. If he does not realize that he is not being a lover but an owner sometimes, then you may wish to revise your relationship together by getting a relationship advice. You may also check if he really loves you by reading our article on how to tell if your husband hates you.

This article is relevant for both husbands and boyfriends. Yes No I need help If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.

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He decides on practically everything. Assure him of your feelings for him. Set a specific time for you to be alone to do your stuff. How do I deal with a restrictive boyfriend who controls everything I do? VisiHow welcomes all comments. If you do not want to be anonymous, register or log in. It is free. Share this Article:. Write An Article Random Article. Recent changes. Meet a Community Member. Join the Community. Follow Us On Author Help. Green Living. Interior Decorating.

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Why Guys Feel Possessive Towards You

Does my boss think more of the other junior associate than of me? Why did my best friend invite her to the movies, but not me? Maybe we fear that someone else is going to take away a connection we have with someone else, says Stern, who is also a licensed psychoanalyst who has treated individuals and couples for 30 years.

To possess is to own. When you bought an object, you naturally become the owner of that object. When you love something so much, you want to see it every day, and hold and put it by your side every minute of the day.

Since it can often be quite subtle, you might not notice right away if your partner is possessive. In fact, you might even view their actions as caring or sweet, or think that they just have your best interests at heart. But since these everyday moments can turn toxic over time, it's helpful to see them for what they really are. If your partner is possessive, it doesn't necessarily mean they're trying to control you on purpose , though the results can be the same.

7 Signs of a Possessive Boyfriend (And How to Deal With Him)

When you display a sign of possessiveness, you could be seen as a girl who loves her boyfriend a lot and fears losing him. You may believe that your boyfriend is really possessive only because he loves you so much. And each time he displays his possessiveness and gets to control your behavior, it makes him feel more powerful in the relationship. Jealousy and possessiveness is a vicious cycle that takes turns to rear their head all the time. The only way a guy can rid himself of the cycle of jealousy and possessiveness is by confronting it himself. After all, a tinge of possessive behavior is completely acceptable in every relationship, especially when you feel insecure. If you see a handful of these signs in your boyfriend, he may just be slightly possessive because he feels insecure now and then, or bordering on controlling behavior. Possessive boyfriends are like a noose around your neck. If you see several of these 17 signs of a possessive boyfriend in your own lover, point it out to him and help him see your side of the story, especially if it bothers you or if you feel controlled in the relationship. Of course, your boyfriend will deny it or straight out accuse you of using these signs to make him look bad.

Is it bad that I want a possessive boyfriend?

Possessiveness is not an attractive trait. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is possessive or controlling, it can cause a lot of problems in your relationship…. When allowed to develop and left unresolved, possessiveness on the part of your partner can lead you to feel deeply anxious, unhappy, and angry. Possessiveness and a desire to control a romantic partner can even cross over into physical or emotional abuse.

When it comes to relationships, there is a very thin line between true love and obsession. In the beginning, a little jealousy here and there is not only normal, but it's healthy.

At least it was legendary among pre-teen guys like me whose idea of a hot Friday night was ogling the babes of "Step by Step". But apparently Harvey is now a national phenomena with his own radio show and--naturally--a dating book entitled Act Like a Lady, Think Like Man. Erin got a copy from her sister and asked me to examine some of Harvey's takes on how men perceive commitment.

13 Things That Possessive Boyfriends And Girlfriends Do (+ How To Deal With Them)

If the first person you find is someone very possessive then you'll wish you never found anyone at all. Instead, look for someone who will empower you and make you feel capable and respected. That actually has real value. Don't be somebody's trophy bitch.

Read on how to enrich your life by purpose, i. Two women — one who wonders if she should marry a possessive boyfriend, and another who wonders if she should have a child because of societal expectations. What would you say? I am in a relationship. We are together for about 7 yrs now.

7 Signs Your Partner Is Possessive — & What Experts Say To Do About It

Over possessive relationships — You all love to hate them. You have probably been in one where your significant other was all up in your business and wanted to control every aspect of your life. A little possessiveness is good for a relationship. However, things can get out of hand really fast. For this reason, you should be wary of getting into a relationship with someone who is over possessive. So, do you know how to tell if a man is possessive?

After all, you want to show your care for this person and in the process, you 7 Signs you have an extremely possessive boyfriend! By Here are a few signs that you should be aware of so that you can tell what is controlling and possessive.

Dating women is not easy, but you can find some method to madness if you try hard enough. These are 5 universal reasons for which women find possessive men attractive. Better to be possessive than indifferent: It is much better for your man to be possessive than being indifferent. If you have guy who hardly gives 2 dimes what? Possessiveness comes from love and indicates a caring nature.

And worse, your friends and family are starting to notice. They are begging you to do something about it. This stress is taking a toll on you in other areas of your life. A possessive boyfriend seeks control.

I have this thing where I want my boyfriend to think that I am cheating on him. I want him to question me, demand to see my phone, examine me for signs of cheating etc I also want him to get upset if I wear clothing that he thinks is too revealing.

The purpose of a relationship is to complement each other, grow together, and achieve your common goals as a couple.

Relationships require a lot of effort to keep it going smooth. Here we are referring to those relations where one of the partners is highly possessive and it is silently ignored in the name of love. There is a very fine line between having a protective boyfriend and a possessive boyfriend, a line that not many are well aware of. If you think all the dos and donts that your boyfriend has been imposing on you is only out of love, you might want to read this article. Not every action is done of out of love, sometimes it is also a sign of sheer control and dominance which in future will make your relationship toxic and painful to deal with.

There are a number of common traits and attitudes that characterize possessive and controlling men. Now, there are other things they have in common besides the characteristics we explain in this article. Sometimes they hide their behavior through subtle and kind gestures, while others act without thinking twice. The point is that they build prisons little by little where they end up trapping their partners. They also interrogate their partners on every detail of their day-to-day lives. The victims downplay any behavior that causes suffering and pain and start evaluating every word they say in order to please their partner. At the beginning of a relationship, it could be normal for a partner to ask about day-to-day activities.

There is a very fine line between having a protective lover and a possessive lover …. What separates innocent possessiveness as seen in the first few insecure stages of love with aggressive possessiveness? When left unexplored and unresolved, possessive relationships can amount to feelings of profound unhappiness, anxiety, anger, and even physical or emotional abuse.

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