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What to get nerdy boyfriend for birthday

Whether it is for your anniversary or his birthday, you should not be dreadfully buying at the nearest store selling gifts for nerds. Take a breath, pause, and think of, what your geeky boyfriend needs or loves. To help you, we have compiled 19 of the coolest gifts for geeks where you can choose from. These gifts, on the other hand, are a combination of practical geek stuff with a touch of modern culture that he will surely love. Here's a hilarious gift for your geeky boyfriend that will help break his stress at work and tickle his funny bone! This funny 'Bullshit' button will call out BS, so your boyfriend does not have to say a word to the annoyers.



Coolest Gift Ideas for a Nerdy Boyfriend

Looking for the best geek gifts for that special nerd in your life? Any combination of these totalling five makes you the winner. With its awesome miniatures and incredibly fun gameplay, Wildlands would make a great gift for your favorite board game-loving nerd. Gaming chairs make a great gift for gaming geeks and there are TONS of different gaming chairs to choose from.

Go with a quality brand like Cougar, though; you get what you pay for. It has a durable hull, and it comes with two 3. The Altair AA Aqua is ultra sleek-looking, too, with a slim red and black body that is display-worthy. It also comes ready to race, so you can take it out of the box, plug in the battery, and then take it to your favorite lake or pool. As someone who frequently has his young daughter run off with his wallet, keys, and phone, I can tell you the Tile Stickers have been the perfect solution to that problem.

In fact, we have this very same book on our coffee table at home, and every single time someone new comes into our home and sees it, they chuckle. Recently reviewed by our illustrious leader , this subscription box has made the best impression. As part of our new SnackMuch? These monthly subscription boxes feature treats from all over the world, shipped to your door monthly by subscription. Each of these Paks can be customized to your own flavor preferences, and can even include drink options for additional cost.

One superb thing about the MunchPak subscription, though, is that they make an effort not to give you the same snack twice. Global snacking, here I come! What really makes it a standout, though, is the EQ settings you can toy with. You can not only adjust the equalization and sound settings for the incoming chat and sounds, but you can also adjust your outgoing voice to make yourself sound WAY better to your team.

Whenever you want. Chelsea Monroe-Cassel has found the answer and compiled all of their favorite recipes in the Overwatch: The Official Cookbook. No gamer will go hungry when they use the recipes in this comprehensive book, which offers easy-to-follow recipes pulled from all corners of the world.

Monroe-Cassel dug deep into the dossier of each Overwatch Agent to create recipes that would best fit with their culture and heritage. Never too sure if the finished product looks right? Overwatch: The Official Cookbook includes full-color imagery of each dish. Always at a loss as to what to pair with your main course?

Monroe-Cassel includes pairing suggestions with each dish so you can make a cohesive dinner that even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy. Get creative and put your own Overwatch spin on these recipes or stick to the step-by-step instructions for an authentic flavor sure to remind you of your go-to Hero. Wonderfully detailed to resemble the useful tool right out of the series, while sleek enough to tuck into your cupboard or drawer with the rest of your kitchen utensils.

Cooking a meal can be a daunting task, so why not get a little help from the Doctor? Just look at him in all of his wrinkly, green glory. Unfortunately, no matter how much of a snack Yoda looks like, until the ability to travel to the Star Wars universe becomes a reality, munching on his ears is something that will be strictly relegated to dreamland. Unless of course, you buy this Star Wars Baking Set! We here at Nerd Much? The Zombie LittleLazies are our favorite of the bunch.

If he or she is a zombie enthusiast, then the Zombie Head Cookie Jar is a fantastic choice. We also included it on our list of the 50 best zombie gifts. Sock It to Me socks have quickly become our favorite brand of nerdy socks since first trying them out.

There are plenty of great styles available to suit most sock enthusiasts, and the company just released a brand new science-focused collection, complete with aliens, donut planets, spacemen, and more!

You can read our full review here. It allows for the fastest wi-fi speeds available, up to 5. You can read more about the best gaming routers here. Check out these LED lamps by Hand make, which takes some of your favorite franchises and gives them a unique glow in 16 colors. One example of these cool LED lamps is a Zelda triforce , which you can set to a glowing yellow to satisfy your daily Zelda needs. There are also some non-nerd related types, like NFL helmets and a trippy pink elephant, but those all pale in comparison to a Zelda triforce.

This is an amazing gift for any girl inspired by the stars. Become a detective without any of that pesky schooling with a unique and immersive murder mystery subscription box by the name of Hunt-A-Killer.

Hunt A Killer puts you in the shoes of a gifted detective set out to solve a gruesome murder. You know, the kind of evening you put the kids to bed for. Anyone who knows anything about Nerd Much?

The One61 Batman Smartwatch is a retro Batman-themed smartwatch that, simply put, is pretty damn cool. First, and most importantly, is that it looks great. Check out more cool Batman gifts here. No longer is it a big, hulking box, but it also offers incredible value.

As far as the console itself is concerned, it now has 4K capabilities with HDR technology for the best-looking Xbox gaming experience. This great coffee table book features incredible artwork based on the actor, complete with various anecdotes and factoids. It comes with 7. After all, there are all different sorts of nerds. Check out our list of the Best geek backpacks for some options.

When only a movie poster and a sparsely seen movie trailer was all you had to fuel excitement for the latest cinematic thrill? The PosterSpy: Alternative Movie Poster Collection hardcover book aims to take you back to the day of simplicity in movie marketing with a page collection of alternative posters. Flip through page after page of stunning artwork for big-budget productions, like the Star Wars saga or the latest iteration of comic book movies, to more artsy films you may have never seen but can appreciate poster art for.

From minimalist approaches to more abstract creations, each poster contained inside this page collection will delight. Gift yourself a collection of beautifully rendered movie posters or buy PosterSpy for the movie buff in your life.

If you are a true Batman fan, then you will know that the beloved Barbara Gordon was not the only Batgirl to appear in the comics. Betty had a very different look than the modern Batgirl and was also the sidekick to Batwoman, not Batman. This resin statue is beautiful and has a lot of detail thanks to the sculptors Mike Cusanelli and Trevor Grove.

She is wearing her original red and green costume which looks super retro and retro comic things are always cool in our book. When standing on her base, she is inches tall — the perfect height for her to stand out in your collection for everyone to admire. This would be a great addition to any Batman collection, especially if you like the DC classics.

It looks gorgeous and can be a great conversation piece considering most people would not know who she is. What makes this piece even cooler? You could be the proud owner of something that limited people in the world have. Want more Gotham-inspired gifts? Check out our mega page of the coolest Batman gifts available right now. Capturing gameplay has become all of the rage this year, and the Elgato Game Capture HD60 is one of the best game capture cards available.

The Pixel Heart Changing Mug has a heart that fills up with the heat, as though your beverage is replenishing your health. The Darth Vader Shower Head will shower them with the dark side.

The pen commemorates the original film, as it has been designed to reflect the dark side of the force. It has a stain-black finish with Darth Vader-themed engravings, as well as a red Swarovski crystal inset at the top to represent his lightsaber.

Of course, it comes in at a hefty price tag. These might be worth neglecting rent for. These Cuphead FunKo Pops are absolutely incredible, and they make the perfect nerdy gift for Cuphead fans. First and foremost, of course, is the Cuphead figure, itself, with the red shorts and nose, standing at 4-inches tall and complete with a windowed display box.

All of the figures look great and bring the cutesy cartoony platformer right to your desktop or living room. Splendor first took off in The game is all about resource management, tasking players with being merchants of the Renaissance who are buying gem mines, transportation and shops.

Each strap is approximately 20 inches long, and they work perfectly as seat belt covers, as well as backpack or messenger strap covers. But one of the most memorable and most quoted lines in a video game to date remains a line from the original NES game. Take this. A tip of the hat to Heavy. There are many different varieties of these nerdy suit jackets over at Fun. Our favorite? Check out the Zelda Link Beanie, complete with Elven ears for your next adventure. So soft, so cuddly.

Check out more of the best Porg toys here. Last month, the Arctis 3 got 3 new colorways, including this slate Blue one that looks great. Get ahead of the crowds and snag yourself an awesome and incredibly useful Rick and Morty umbrella.

Any mad scientist, or crazy grandpa, can acknowledge the usefulness of truly being properly prepared. Well, nothing ruins a day like an unexpected rainstorm, so be ready.

The Best Gift for Geeky Boyfriend That He Will Surely Like

I proudly qualify as a nerd. I either own or want everything on this list. Who better to ask what nerds want than a self-proclaimed nerd? To begin with, let's get one thing straight: Not all nerdy guys are the same.

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Now you can own a USB stick that destroys anything in its path. Once you plug in this weaponized USB kill s Once you plug in this weaponized USB kill stick, it will rapidly charge its capacitors from the USB power supply and then discharge it, permanently disabling any unprotected equipment. Welcome to the exciting world of Plumbus ownership!

Nerd Gifts

AskMen may get paid if you click a link in this article and buy a product or service. The Golden Age of geekiness continues in — meaning there are plenty of awesome gifts out there for you to amaze the beloved nerds in your life. Whatever the case, there a geeky Christmas gift for every brand of high-minded intellectual here. Dive in and see why being a geek in is as fun as it sounds. This sound cube, featuring a D-Pad to control volume and playback and an array of A-B button-style speakers, is the perfect accessory for the nerdy music lover on your list. The man who took YouTube by storm with recipes inspired by beloved movies and TV shows is dropping a new cookbook guaranteed to help them wow their guests at their next dinner party. Enterprise NCC shaped pizza cutter to their kitchen tool collection.

700+ Gifts For Geeks Of All Kinds Of Interests

Need the ideal gifts for geeks idea? You'll love our range of geeky gifts for him and presents for her. Subtotal: items in your basket. Read More. Quick Buy.

So you have a super smart, intelligent and nerdy boyfriend.

Everyone loves at least one nerd or geek. You might be one yourself. Shopping for nerds and geeks is a lot of fun, especially when you have access to a variety of geek- and nerd-approved items.

100+ Gift Ideas for Nerdy Guys

Looking for the best geek gifts for that special nerd in your life? Any combination of these totalling five makes you the winner. With its awesome miniatures and incredibly fun gameplay, Wildlands would make a great gift for your favorite board game-loving nerd. Gaming chairs make a great gift for gaming geeks and there are TONS of different gaming chairs to choose from.

So you have an overly brilliant, smart and geeky partner. He is always into his own stuff in his own little universe but he is a treasure, particularly since he appears to have an answer for pretty much most things. In any case, that makes it similarly hard to wow him with a blessing. Firstly because you are probably not a nerd and secondly a nerd generally buys the in trend gadgets and accessories when they are launched in the market. With the gift giving season nearly upon us, it's a great opportunity to begin searching out that exceptional present for the special geek or nerd in your life. So, if you're going to explore a gift, you're going to need to think outside about the box.

Gifts for Geeks 🤓


Nov 1, - 23 Nerdtastic Presents Guaranteed to Please Your Favorite Geek a favor, or perhaps it'll show your geeky boyfriend that you get his obsession with comic books. Whatever the case, there a geeky Christmas gift for every brand of Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriends · Birthday Gifts for Him · Best Stocking.


14 of the Coolest Nerdy Boyfriend Gifts of 2019 and Tips to Rock His World


Christmas Gift Ideas for the Geek in Your Life




Geek Gifts



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