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Meet the american woman who tracks down and kills elephant poachers

When Sam Wasser, a conservation biologist at the University of Washington, flew into Singapore on October 26, , one of the first things he did was borrow a car and drive to a hardware store. He bought two circular saws, some F clamps and a wheelbarrow. Authorities, acting on an anonymous tip, had seized 80 tea sacks that had been shipped from Mombasa, Kenya. The tea had been replaced with elephant tusks—1, of them, which together weighed more than five tons. On his first day at the site, Wasser measured and weighed each tusk individually. The weather was hot—almost 90 degrees—and muggy, and within a half-hour Wasser was drenched in sweat.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Zimbabwe's women's anti-poaching group protecting elephants - BBC News


There’s a New Tool in the Fight Against Elephant Poaching

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Meet Kinessa Johnson. She hunts poachers here in Africa where we are currently at risk of losing all our Rhino's due to these pricks. N Girls.

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The Price of Protecting Rhinos

Meet the American woman who tracks down and kills elephant poachers. Army Veteran. Military Women. African Animals.

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By Wills Robinson For Dailymail. An Army veteran who served in Afghanistan has moved to Africa in a bid to stop poaching. She joined the group last November after a four-year stint in the services as a weapons instructor and mechanic. She was also deployed for one tour of Afghanistan. Scroll down for video.

Meet the American woman who tracks down and kills elephant poachers

Chigumbura was jobless, with no skills and no prospects. Chigumbura was not even permitted to visit her daughter. When she came by, the grandmother would spin stories to shoo her away, telling her that her baby was in Mozambique, for example. It went on like this for three years, until one day, when Chigumbura was 20, the village head pulled her aside. An Australian named Damien Mander was looking for female recruits to become wildlife rangers, and the village head thought Chigumbura was an excellent candidate. If selected, she would be responsible for patrolling and protecting the nearby Phundundu Wildlife Park: a square mile former trophy hunting area that is part of a larger ecosystem home to some 11, elephants. Chigumbura jumped at the opportunity. After an excruciating three day-long military-style try-out, she was invited to become part of the new force. Mander asked her and the 16 other women — many of whom also came from backgrounds of abuse — to come up with a name for their unit.

A Former Military Operative Goes After Poachers in Kenya

The port of Ouesso, in the Republic of Congo, sprawls along the east bank of the Sangha River, a wide, murky stream that winds through the heart of Africa. One recent morning, a crowd gathered around a rotting dock in the harbor to gape at the sight of seven white men stepping gingerly into a foot-long pirogue. Carved out of a tree trunk, and barely wide enough to accommodate a person with knees squeezed together, the pirogue rocked dangerously and seemed about to pitch its passengers into the oil-slicked water. Then it steadied itself, and we settled onto blue canvas folding chairs arranged single file from bow to stern.

Meet the American woman who tracks down and kills elephant poachers.

All rights reserved. It's a. Behind the wheel is Shadu Hlangwana, with Felicia Mogahane in the passenger's seat and Carol Khosa in the back with me.

Africa’s new elite force: women gunning for poachers and fighting for a better life

Meet the American woman who tracks down and kills elephant poachers. Army Veteran. Military Women.

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US military veterans are fighting a new battle in Africa—against poachers

T he black metal of the AR rifle has worn silvery and shiny in parts after years of use. More manageable than an AK in close-quarter combat, the weapon is precise enough to bring down an enemy target at metres. Used for decades by anti-poaching units throughout Africa , today this gun is not carried by a typical swaggering male field ranger; this one is cradled securely and proficiently by Vimbai Kumire. Kumire is a year-old single mother whose husband ran off with a younger woman while she was pregnant with her second child. According to conservation biologist Victor Muposhi of Chinhoyi University of Technology, the lower Zambezi Valley has lost 11, elephants in the past 10 years.

Apr 16, - Johnson, from Washington, poaches poachers in Africa in order to they can track and detain poachers and ultimately prevent poaching,” she.

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Chica Fantasy

And the rangers have called in the troops. Illegal poaching has become such a major crisis that game parks across Africa are increasingly turning to active soldiers, veterans, and military technologies to protect wildlife. The organization also tried deploying drones in Namibia, until the government pushed back. VETPAW aims to partner US veterans with African game parks to teach rangers military tactics like how to patrol large areas and conduct nighttime operations.

The Fight Against Elephant Poachers Is Going Commando

How do you kill an elephant without a gun, if all you've got is a spear, and your 20 centimeters 8 inches of sharpened metal is going up against five tons of thick-skinned beast? As soon as the bull elephant approaches, the Maasai warrior leaps from his hiding place in the bush and onto a rock, ramming the spear diagonally downward into the animal's huge body. It manages to stagger on for just a few meters before collapsing.

While giraffe hunter Rebecca Francis incurs the wrath of a thousand animal lovers on Twitter — including Ricky Gervais — Kinessa Johnson is inspiring a wealth of fan support.

Conservation has become a war, and park rangers and poachers are the soldiers. We're all gonna die. Is he serious? His sardonic half smile is difficult to read.



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