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How to make a girl like you yahoo answers

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Im not like loser or anything Im just not very good with girls. People always say girls like funny guys. If that were true id be fighting girls off me. Im not really shy so I can just start up a conversation with a random girl I dont know. Girls even tell me alot that im good looking.


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How to get a girl to like you

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I really like this one girl but i she doesnt know i like her. Any girls have any advice? Im not very good at flirting so i could use some help on that to.

You know one of the best ways to seduce a girls is to make her laugh most girls can't help falling for a guy who makes them laugh. Another good tip is to listen most guy just try to impress girls with what they know and talk to much. Don't be to pushy let her chase you she will girls like cool quiet confident types alpha males it's part of their biological make up.

You thinks that's hard the girl I like her friends are both of my ex's and girl who I think is just stupid and two people that hate me. It's not even about your looks either. I've seen attractive guys have a hard time getting a girl while an average guy gets a bunch of girls. You just got to know the tricks. Have fun. The Tao of Badass will also show you how to see body language and know each time a girl loves you; you'll learn the difference between positive and negative body gestures and how to effortlessly use the right body language to the approach.

Don't flirt at all. If shes not a total slut, she won't like flirting. The best way to get a girl to like you is to get to know her better and say something nice to her but you HAVE TO actually mean it. Say something like "I just noticed that you have the prettiest green eyes" or "I'm just sad, but not now" and when she asks why, then say "I missed talking to you".

Hopefully your not. The bottom line is just to say something nice from the bottom of your heart, and give her a comment that girls don't usually get commented on, like her eyes or something. It works every time. Just make sure you only say it when you truly mean it. Begin to pursue her Then start asking probing questions, but not to pushy.

Questions like Do you have a boyfriend? If she respond Oh I have plans or some excuse not to go out with you again. Move on She is not in to you. I think the worse mistake guys make when they are attracted to a women Good luck I hope I helped Text her, but I'd suggest you say something like this, "You're more than just a piece of my life, you're more than just a piece of anybody's life, but if you're going to act like this, could please tell me the reason why you're acting like this?

I feel as if you're not part of the most greatest thing of my life right now. I feel as if you're moving away from me, and when I get close, you move away again, as if you're not liking me anymore! I want you there for me, just like I was always there for you! Oh well. If it doesn't work out for you then I'm sorry! I really like this one girl but i she doesnT know i like her. Update: I really like this one girl but i she doesnt know i like her.

Answer Save. Ask open ended question that can't be answered with simple yes or no Don't be to pushy let her chase you she will girls like cool quiet confident types alpha males it's part of their biological make up. Shade 3 years ago Report. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. The Tao of Badass is definitely a whole manual on how best to be love by women.

Hey man I'm Not a girl but I know a few good tips. Be in good shape 2. Brush your teeth and hair 3. Shower every day 4. Try to be friends with her before asking her out Hope this helped Good luck. Show more answers Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

How to make a girl fall in love with you?

Your a seven, so good for you. You know your in the ballpark on looks. Unfortunately, that is only the foundation on the house you need to build. Keep your looks, but realize that will only get you in the game.

The thing with me is that girls usually dump me, or I get friend zoned. I have read a few articles saying that I have to:.

Either talk with her less or stop talking to her at all.. Like talk to other people at school and maybe just say "hey" to her, or if you're texting just be nonchalant in the convo I'm talking one word answers. But after you do this for a while and if you notice her making an effort to try to talk to you, just start talking to her normally again. Or you can talk to other girls in front of her; don't give her all the attention. Stop trying to make plans with her, make her ask you if you want to hang out.

how can i make a girl like me?

I have a crush on my best friend. She has a boyfriend. I decided to tell her about my feelings towards her. I told her. But she didnt like that. So she stopped talking to me. But then she felt that she isnt being fair with me and again started talking to me n we were friends.

how do you get a girl to like you.?

Any good tips? I mean i know it's something natural, but what can i do to Maybe i'm being pethatic.. But nothing i think it's over.. Impress her with the way you deal with situations and your outlook on the whole.

Ok this is why im asking this.

Take a sincere interest in the sort of things she is interested in or things she tells you about her life. Women appreciate a good listener, just as men generally do. Remember her little likes and dislikes. If you say you'll do something, do it; don't tell her you'll call and then forget, or--even worse, make a date and not show up on time without a very good reason, that is.

How to make a girl fall for you?

I really like this one girl but i she doesnt know i like her. Any girls have any advice? Im not very good at flirting so i could use some help on that to.

I really like this girl who is a year older than me she is single and we are great friends we talk often and she does give me hugs and stuff we have know eachother for two years. Her and the rest of her friends are also good friends with me and they all know me to be honest and a person of integrity so I am not doing anything stupid or bad to get her to like me. How do I make her fall for me any ideas I could honestly use the help guys thanks a lot. It was playing the other day and it made me think of you. Be there when she needs you.

How to get girls to like you?


Oct 6, - You have to have what she wants for that to happen. And by that I mean, all girls have their own preference on what they want their guy to be like.7 answers.


How to make a girl miss you?







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