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Girl and boy hug sketch

So I put together a very quick tutorial on drawing passionate hugs. If you need more help, please let me know, and maybe I will put together a more involved tutorial. Have fun! Step 5 Outline the arms with the outer edge of each arm. Draw guidelines in the right-side face. Draw the geometric guidelines that I drew for the right hand.

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Boy And Girl Hugging Sketch

News Privacy Policy Login. Step 1. Begin with two head guides and then draw the necks and then their backs. Step 2. Start with the boy and sketch out his messy hairstyle. Add some long strands as well as some messy ones. Step 3. Start with the girl by sketching out the shape of her head.

Then draw in the long flowing hair. You should add some texture to her hair with strand definition. Draw the small ear and detail it as well. Step 4.

In step four we will tackle more of the boy. Begin with the jaw line and then draw the neck, shoulder, arm or sleeve, and then add detailing to his shirt. Step 5. Sketch out the shape of the girl's face and then draw in her eye.

Add some blush marks on her cheeks, then add the neck and shoulder. Step 6. Okay guys, draw the body for your girl, then draw in her arm which is clutching onto the boy or her boyfriend. Step 7. For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw the back of his shirt and add some wrinkle or crinkle. Erase the mistakes and guides. Step 8. That's it, you are all done. Now you can color in this couple using your own shades.

Comments 5. X3 thanx so much! Awesome, so glad this lesson was useful. More From Dawn. Mature Content. Description: Here is another couples tut that I think you will all enjoy.

In my drawing the girl has white hair and the boy has black hair. This embrace will really be popular because the last time I uploaded a lesson on drawing a couple hugging it went right to the top Anyways, have fun and let me know if you are all enjoying the tuts. For now, you can tackle this lesson on how to draw an anime hug. X Login. Remember Me. Not a member? We temporarily stopped you from leaving DrawingHub so you could confirm The site above is not affiliated with DrawingHub in any way.

Please continue at your own risk. Don't enter any passwords or personal information from a site claiming to be DrawingHub or its affiliates.

Go Offsite Stay on DrawingHub. X Flag Content. Report sexual violence copyright spam. Details Optional. X Flagged Content. X Members that favorited. X Contest Submission Form. X Battle Challenge. X Battle Challenge Details. Thank you so much. Artist: Dawn. Favorited: 72 view. Views: 0 in last hour, 12 in last day, in last week, total. Tags: how to draw love , how to draw couples.

My Drawing boy hug girl

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News Privacy Policy Login. Step 1. Begin with two head guides and then draw the necks and then their backs.

Here you are! Most Downloads Size Popular. Views: Images: 39 Downloads: Likes: Download Boy And Gir Boy And Girl Drawing

Girl And Boy Hugging Drawing

Here you are! Most Downloads Size Popular. Views: Images: 40 Downloads: 54 Likes: 1. Boy Drawing Hugging Girl And Boy Hugging Boy And Girl Hugging Girl Drawing Hugging Gallery Cute Couple Hug Drawing, Pencil, Drawing Of A Boy And

Hug Drawing, Pencil, Sketch, Colorful, Realistic Art Images

Cute hug sketches - stock vectors and illustrations. A love of a mother and a daughter. Cartoon hand-drawn love. Couple of hugging teddy bears with small hearts. Hand drawn illu.

You can also explore more drawing images under this topic and you can easily this page share with your friends, family and loved one. Browse Couple Hugging Drawing Best created by professional drawing artist.

Watch fullscreen. How to draw a girl hugging a boy step by step for Hug Day special drawing Drawing Way.

Collection of Cartoon Boy And Girl Hugging (29)

Post a Comment. Anime Boy And Girl Hugging Drawing - Hello friends, loyal visitors Drawing Art Ideas , On this occasion we will provide information on the latest collection of coloring pictures, namely about Anime Boy And Girl Hugging Drawing, previously we have prepared this information well for you to see and also take the information in it. Hopefully the information that has been published is in the post Article anime boy and girl hugging drawing , Article anime boy and girl hugging drawing easy , what we have written can be useful for all of you and an inspiration for all of you. Alright, just go see it completely and have a good reading.

Its cold outside and all you want to do is cuddle on your bed with your muse. So how does an artist portray such feeling? By putting it live on the paper! We cannot forget the way jack drew rose in the Titanic movie scene. It was indeed quite intimidating the way he drew the curves of her body with sheer professionalism.

40 Romantic Couple Hugging Drawings and Sketches


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How to draw a girl hugging a boy step by step for Hug Day special drawing (139)







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