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Find my friend ios tutorial

However, did you know that there could be bugs that only show up when your app is running on an actual iOS device? Furthermore, testing your iOS app on a device is the best way to gauge performance issues before you go too far down the road. But if you have a spare device lying around, then this tutorial will show you how to put apps on the iPhone or other iOS device. The answer is really about security. Although you might not create malicious apps to put on peoples phones, Apple cares that it can identify who created the app and that it can tell if the app has been tampered with or not.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Apple’s NEW Find My App - How it Works

Set up Find My on your iPhone, Mac, and other devices

According to Apple, you get a useful feature with an awkward title: the new Find My app in iOS 13 presents a simple interface that lets you locate friends, family members, and Apple devices. It splits this information across three tabs with options to play a sound from missing devices, load directions in the Maps app, or set up notifications to go off when your spouse leaves work.

And all of this from a single app! Tap the Devices tab at the bottom of the Find My app to see a map of your compatible Apple devices. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see more devices, each with its exact location and distance from you. How do you find an iPhone that's offline? Here are the answers you need. Read More , it shows an icon with a black screen along with the last known location instead. Tap on a particular device to see its current address and battery level, along with a set of controls to help you retrieve it.

Otherwise, tap Directions to open up a route in the Maps app. Apple offers this by creating an encrypted and anonymous Bluetooth network that links nearby Apple devices together. In this case, turn on Notify When Found to get a notification with its location as soon as Find My tracks it down. If one of your Apple devices is lost or stolen, turn on Mark As Lost to protect your data and make it easier for people to return your device to you.

You can also enter a phone number with a personalized message asking whoever finds it to call you. This can be a huge problem if you buy an iPhone that's used! Read More , which prevents other people from using it as their own. If you turned on Mark As Lost, it also still shows your personalized message telling people how to contact you.

Tap the People tab in the bottom-left corner of Find My in iOS 13 to see a map of all the people following your location or sharing their location with you.

Much like in the Devices tab, you can then tap each person to get more information about where they are. This also gives options to view their details in the Contacts app or get directions with Maps.

Find the contact you want to share your location with by searching their name, phone number, or Apple ID email address in the search bar. When you tap Send you can choose how long you want to share your location for:.

The easiest way to encourage this is by offering to share your location first. When you do this, a notification prompts your contact to share their location back. Otherwise, you can directly ask to follow anyone who is already following you.

Tap their name from the People tab and use the option to Ask to Follow Location. You can choose to send or receive notifications in the Find My app whenever you, or one of your contacts, change location. From the People tab in Find My, tap the name of the person you want to set up notifications for.

Tap Add beneath the Notifications header and decide if you want to send or receive the notifications, then set the location you plan to leave or arrive at. You can set the location radius to anything from feet to miles. In the bottom-right of the Find My app is the Me tab. Use this to choose which device you want to share your location from along with deciding whether to allow friend requests or location updates.

Turn this off to temporarily hide your location from anyone you previously shared it with. If you own multiple Apple devices, you can use the Me tab to choose which one to share your location from. At the very bottom of the Me tab is a small button saying, Help a Friend.

Use this if a friend or family member has lost their Apple device. When you tap it, a page on the iCloud website opens for your friend to sign in to.

This page lets your friend play sounds, mark their device as lost, or erase it remotely. Now you know how to track down your missing Apple devices, get directions to your friends and family members, or set up notifications to let people know where you are.

But rumor has it, Apple is planning even more features for the new Find My app. Theoretically, you could attach this tag to your keys, luggage, bicycle, or other valuables and keep track of them from the Find My app. You may even be able to play a sound or display a message with the tag as well.

In fact, we already covered our top tracking apps and accessories How to Stop Losing Your Stuff And 7 Trackers to Help You Do It There are a number of personal item trackers on the market that can help you find lost items -- or just make sure they're not lost in the first place. Read More! Are there any features you want Apple to add to Find My? Your email address will not be published. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter!

Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Scroll down for the next article. How to Do a Conference Call on an iPhone. How to Unblock a Number on an iPhone.

How to Deploy your App on an iPhone (Updated for 2019)

If you use the Find My Friends app, you will have noticed the orange icon with the two people side-by-side has vanished from your home screen. Both are now within a new app called 'Find My'. The Find My app has a grey background with a green circle and the blue location circle in the centre. It won't automatically take the place of the Find My Friends app on your home screen, which is why you might have been wondering where it has got to. If you can't find the Find My app, swipe left to right from your home screen and use the search bar at the top of your screen.

According to Apple, you get a useful feature with an awkward title: the new Find My app in iOS 13 presents a simple interface that lets you locate friends, family members, and Apple devices. It splits this information across three tabs with options to play a sound from missing devices, load directions in the Maps app, or set up notifications to go off when your spouse leaves work.

The app is codenamed as "Green Torch" and it is currently being tested by the company's engineers. The app will be available on iOS as well as macOS and it will also include a new "Find Network" feature which will allow users to track their device even if it is not connected to the network. Let's dive in to see some more details on the matter. The Find Network feature looks to be quite interesting as it will track the device without a network. Apart from this, the unified app will allow individuals to track the position of everyone along with their devices, like the AirPods.

How to Use Find My Friends for iPhone and iPad

The Cupertino based smartphone giant brought in a bunch of changes in the Apple stock apps by revamping the Reminders app , Notes app and the Maps app. And while the world is going GaGa over these apps another one of a stock app that got a remarkable update was the integration of Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps into one Find My app. Step 2. Step 3. Choose the Contact you wish to add and tap on Send. Step 4. Choose the time duration you wish to Share your Location.

Set up and use Find My Friends

Sandy Writtenhouse on September 26, With the iOS 13 and macOS Catalina updates, you can now use the revamped and renamed Find My app to locate family or friends, share your own location, and find a device, all with one handy tool. Having each of these features in a single spot makes it much easier to find who or what you need faster. In order to use the Find My app, you must enable location services on your device.

Using a range of technology including 4G radio antennas and GPS, your iPhone nearly always knows where you are.

I have all my siblings, my mom, and select friends in my list. Have you ever thought it would be useful to know when your child left their soccer game or wanted them to receive an automatic alert when you leave to pick them up, Find My Friends can do this and more. You can add friends in the Find My Friends app by tapping Add and selecting their contact card, but it may be easier to work from Messages, assuming you want to share your location with someone with whom you regularly text anyway.

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What is it? It was released in October and since the release of iOS 9 comes preinstalled. What it does: It locates people whom you have invited and with whom you can share your location.

Here's how to get started. You can also share locations or find missing devices on iCloud. Easily locate friends and family members. All with the Find My app. If you want friends and family to know where you are, turn on Share My location on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. If they share their location back, you can see where they are too.

What Is “Find My” App in iOS 13? Everything You Need to Know

Every iOS device has location features built-in, which makes it easy for the Apple Find My Friends app to track the people who are important to you and share your location with them. This is terrific for working parents who want to know when their kids get home from school or arrive at sports practice. It's convenient for partners who want to let each other know when they're heading home from work or arriving safely when on a trip. Here's how to set up and use Find My Friends. Instructions in this article apply to devices running iOS 9 and later. Find My Friends comes pre-installed with iOS 9 and up.

Sep 25, - Learn how to setup and use Find My Friends in iOS 13 on iPhone and iPad to Download our iOS App for in-depth App Guides and Tutorials.

Parents and co-workers alike will find this app very useful to coordinate meetings or just to keep track of their kids. If not, you can add users by following these steps:. Tap a contact to Stop Sharing your location with them, or Remove them. You can also tap More in the upper right corner to get more information.


Set up the Find My app and turn on Find My [device] to get started. Then turn on Share My Location. Location sharing isn't supported in South Korea and might be unavailable in other regions due to local laws. With the Find My Friends app on iCloud.

Where has Find My Friends gone in iOS 13 and how do I track my friends?






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