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I have found the following two threads very helpful. On maternity and birthing experiences and on Natural childbirth and experiences. For those who don't already have the following links are also helpful: The New Stork Times and this list of midwives from the Midwife Association of Switzerland. Delphy's Geburtshaus is also a good option, but again, rotating midwives do not all speak English.

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Pregnancy and having a baby in Switzerland

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To love, to be astonished, to jump with joy? Having many questions, being tired and exhausted or even to struggle?

The first days at home with a newborn mean orientation and change. We help you find a midwife! The midwifes and nursing specialists in our network are well experienced. They are sensitive, competent and also ensure the medical care for mother and child after giving birth.

Furthermore Familystart Zurich and Pro Juventute offers you a 24h-helpline. Please get in touch with the professional team of Pro Juventute by phone 61 61 or also online. For all others an initial placement fee of CHF The service of your midwife is fully covered by your health insurance without charging your franchise or personal charges. Your midwife is on-call service. For this service she can charge you with CHF Please talk to your midwife if you are insecure about this fee.

Being taken care of after delivery To love, to be astonished, to jump with joy? Aftercare at home childbed care through a midwife or nursing specialist breastfeeding advice throughout the entire breastfeeding period Helpline on local rates advice and support DE, EN on questions regarding pregnancy, delivery, childbed and breastfeeding as well as health and nursing of a newborn Information about professional consulting services for families e.

My Pregnancy Week 31

Beatrice Friedli , Head of the Institute of Midwifery. We train midwives who are committed to the health of women and their families in their professional activities. As a training institution with its own research team, we contribute toward the solution of social and health policy issues. Studying for a degree. Continuing education.

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To love, to be astonished, to jump with joy? Having many questions, being tired and exhausted or even to struggle? The first days at home with a newborn mean orientation and change. We help you find a midwife! The midwifes and nursing specialists in our network are well experienced.

Finding A Midwife

For this 14th edition, each section and chapter has been fully updated and enhanced by leading authors to ensure the text complies with contemporary practice and current guidelines. Added benefits are the availability of a variety of additional online resources for each chapter, including case studies, video and website links, and a bank of multiple-choice questions to test knowledge. With a strong emphasis on normal birth, the book covers the spectrum of midwifery-related topics applied to practice, providing a foundation of knowledge, and encouraging independent thought through the use of reflective exercises in each chapter and online. The book provides midwives with material that meets individual ways of learning and supports current modes of midwifery education. Vulnerable women Perspectives on the future of midwifery, in a global context Evidence-based information to guide best practice Learning outcomes and Key Points in all chapters Reflective activities Now with an integrated website offering additional resources and material including:. This has driven her career path and practice in clinical midwifery, education and research. Sue is a midwife and educationalist by background. Sue completed the Advanced Diploma in Midwifery and then moved into midwifery education, completing a Post Graduate Certificate in the Education of Adults. Her RCM role included acting as a media spokesperson on midwifery and neonatal issues. More recently, Sue has been working as an independent midwife consultant, and has been involved in a major UNICEF programme overseas, has developed and curated a number of major national conferences, and has designed electronic learning materials.

Being taken care of after delivery

We are trained to provide care at home and bring all the necessary equipment for home birth. Find out more about Home Birth: Why home birth? Someone may plan a home birth because they:. Midwives provide all necessary care for those who plan a home birth.

In Switzerland, midwives play a crucial role during your pregnancy, and during and after birth.

I never saw anyone but my doctor. If there was another path to take during pregnancy, I did not know about it. Does the USA use them more now, 6 and 8 years later?


An experienced team of doctors, midwives, nurses and lactation consultants offer professional and personal support before, during and after the birth. The partnership between the team is based on trust and agreement, with clearly defined tasks. We therefore offer the best possible medical care and security for you and your baby.

Account Options Sign in. Selected pages Page Page American Journal of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women Common terms and phrases abdominal acid appearance applied become bladder blood body called cause cavity cervix child closed complete condition considered continued contractions course danger death diagnosis dilated direct disease doses early effect entirely examination existed experience external extremities fact fetal fetus finger fluid forceps four frequently give given half hand head heart hemorrhage importance increased indications injections labor latter less means membrane method milk months mother natural necessary never normal observed obstetric occurred once opening operation organs ovaries pain passed patient pelvis period pessary physician placenta portion position possible posterior practice pregnancy present pressure produced pulse referred regard remained remarked removed reported result rupture seen showed side soon suffering surface symptoms thought tion tissue treated treatment tumor usually uterine uterus vagina wall weeks woman women. Page - In several instances, the ecraseur drew in the neighboring tissue, and made artificial openings into the bladder, or the peritoneal cavity.

Gynecologist near Zurich with online agenda

Our guide to having a baby in Switzerland explains the niggly details about prenatal care, maternity insurance, delivery, aftercare, and more. Pregnant women have a great deal of choice both for prenatal care and later when having their baby in Switzerland. Women can choose to use midwives, obstetricians, or GPs for pre-natal checks. Basic Swiss health insurance allows the choice of delivery at home, in hospital, or in a birth house. Cigna Global provides comprehensive health insurance to over 86 million customers in over countries.

Midwives. 'Natural' Childbirth. I cannot understand why people talk about 'natural' childbirth. This offers you the opportunity to find a midwife who best 'suits' you, as well as avoiding the risk of the midwife having no Zurich, 40

Others want a Caesarean section C-section from the very early stages of pregnancy without a specific medical need. Both extremes can be problematic. The Swiss almost wage a religious war when it comes to C-sections versus vaginal delivery. On the one hand, doctors are quick to interfere with natural births by using oxytocic used to induce labour , forceps, or by administering a C-section. On the other hand, there is a growing trend towards natural childbirth among parents-to-be as well as midwives.

Home Birth







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