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Boy meets girl on aa campus

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Dearest, I DID just spit in my coffee! Let her develop her own recovery program without your input. If people want to talk, well, let the person with no fault cast the first stone. If I wanted to go to a meeting with my boyfriend, I was to use the speaker meeting as part of date night. All other meetings were for my recovery and not for holding hands. Keep your head out of the sand, be honest, and be willing to pay the price for your actions or inactions.



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Boy meets girl on AA campus is a analogy in the AA Big Book, which points out that rarely does early recovery love relationships work out Boy; "She looked at me from across the hallway before the meetings started, I think she wants my body!

Friend; "have you looked at yourself lately? Think she is really that sick? Boy walks over to meet girl after the meetings were over; "I saw you looking at me across the hallway and thought I would introduce myself". Boy: "A pretty good while now I think today is day Girl: Moving her hair back with a sweep of her head in one direction, replies; "I started working on becoming an independent, empowered woman about 6 weeks ago. I go to 3 meetings a week, and take the city bus to them all by myself.

I'm not nearly as needy as I once was! Boy; "I live in a half way house, we have a curfew, and have to make a bunch more meetings than any one really needs, I'm pretty sick of it. I just got a part time job at McD's and with my first paycheck I'm going to buy me a bicycle. I'm so tired of walking and taking the bus all over the place". My therapist says I am doing really good and we'll continue working on my mommy issues until they are resolved, and while it will be a long recovery process I will get to live a much more fulfilling life soon.

I think my meeting you today is a sign from our Higher Power! Girl: Wow, are you for real? You'd want to take me out?? Oh my gosh, I am so surprised that someone of your caliber would even talk to someone like me, and even do it in front of his AA buddies! Sure, I'd love to go out for a hamburger with you, I can ride with you on your handle bars, and we'll share a hamburger, no need to spend a bunch of money on me, besides I don't eat very much because I tend to vomit after I eat so it would be a waste of your money!

Boy: okay, where do you live so I can pick you up right after I buy my bicycle? Girl: I can't tell you, we aren't allowed to have visitors there, and not suppose to let any one know its address. It's a battered woman's shelter.

Police took me there after they realized I suffer from battered woman's syndrome and was threatening to kill the next man that touched me. Boy: Okay, it sounds like a plan! We'll hook up there, and go to McD's, then on a serious note, talk about getting out of our current situations and finding a place together.

What do you think? Girl: Sounds like a blessing in disguise! I agree, our HP brought us together today! By the way, I'm getting my drivers license this week, so we'll be able to get a uhaul when the time comes. I have so little that it will sit in the front seat of the u-haul and we can use the whole back part of it for your new bicycle! They both smile at each other in such a way that they know it was meant to be Boy thinks Girl thinks Boy; I truly feel like we were meant to be together forever and forever, so I wanted to ask you Girl: Tears swell up in her eyes, "I didn't think any one would ever ask me that We'll start making plans as soon as we have our own place!

They smile, lean across the table to hug each other, knowing that this is truly a gift from God. I wrote this on the Al-Anon board just a few weeks ago, so tonight thought I would share it here Ya know John, and I'm quite sure you seen the same, I've observed very similar scenarios like this one in the meetings I attend Most do NOT end well But I will have to admit also, that there those rare instances where those with a few years under their belt DO, in fact marry, and spend years together supporting each others sobriety I know that most other groups around have the same recommendation Thanks for the post How's your sister?

I pray she is not suffering God Bless, Pappy. Hey Toad, Someone once told me that when people told you they were just 'fine' Hope that's not your case That was great! I'll now share another tidbit of wisdom I got form my first sponsor on this very topic. He said:.

Darling, if you've come to AA to find romance, well, the odds are good But the goods are odd. LOL David12x12! I like that one, will probably steal it from you and your sponsor and use it some time. My dream girl turned out to be "Attila The Hun". Who says old men aren't lucky. Thanks, John for reminding me.

You're welcome! I wasn't sure if I should post it since it's a little Oh what the heck:. I've never seen you here before. Are you new?

IIIII like it I always wondered what it is that gave women this 'power' over men Okay, I just realized I'm about to dig myself a deep hole here and think it wise to just shut up Mr David, you dirty rascal, you baited me and knew I bite, didn't you Chat Room Entrance. List All Users. Search Advanced Search. User Details. Date: Sep 8, Boy: How long you been in Al-Anon?

A month later At a dinner together that night My How strangely familiar some of the story fits into my story. Gave me the willies as I read and saw me there. Grateful for progress Not perfection. Toad All smiles. Thank You for asking. Toad wrote: Fine.

Date: Sep 9, No comments Roger Oh what the heck: It may be less offensive if I keep it gender-neutral I just got out of prison". The greeter says "Oh? What were you in prison for? And the greeter smiles and says "Oh Sober Strummer. Sick people attract sick people! Fyne Spirit. When I forst came in she would have been my dream girl, and the whole deal would have been my ideal relationship.

You don't know what you don't know. Luckily,when I jumped into exactly that scenario, my sponsor let me learn what I needed to learn. Among other things I learned it was wrong for me, what needed to be done about the resulting resentments, and also that I didn't need to drink over it. One of the best experiences of my sobriety. God bless, MikeH. Fyne Spirit Walking with curiosity.

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Love vs boy meets girl on A.A. campus

I can tell someone I love them but if that is all I ever do the feeling and word are both moot. Mike cared enough about me to do that even though it was also painful for him. One of the more common yet still wonderful examples of love in action I see is the compassion we show to others who are in pain.

Boy meets girl on AA campus is a analogy in the AA Big Book, which points out that rarely does early recovery love relationships work out Boy; "She looked at me from across the hallway before the meetings started, I think she wants my body!

Privacy Terms. The e-AA Group "Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path. Quick links. What is a Home Group anyway?

Web Exclusive: Learning The Right Balance

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Over lunch with a friend late this spring, I mentioned that my life, thanks to AA, was going really well and that there was only one piece missing. I told him I wanted to meet a woman who worked the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, was mature, and was capable of forming healthy relationships.

The prospective partners need to be solid A. They need to be as sure as possible that no deep-lying emotional handicap in either will be likely to rise up under later pressures to cripple them. The first few years of sobriety are, in my opinion, tenuous, though I know of course that we are never, ever safe.

Post by mike What is your experience or even opinion regarding an intimate relationship between two AA members? I know there are no rules and only practical suggestions but I certainly didn't heed them. I got into a relationship months after getting sober.

Privacy Terms. The e-AA Group "Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path. Quick links. Men talking to women at meetings New to AA? Got questions? Here's the place to ask.

For my Sponsees. Ongoing posts to explain my personal interpretation, and preferred method, of recovering from Alcoholism, using the Basic Text of Alcoholics Anonymous as a template. Based on 20yrs sober life experience. I just add bits when I remember something. Take what you like and leave the rest.

Sep 8, - Boy meets girl on AA campus is a analogy in the AA Big Book, which points out that rarely does early recovery love relationships work out Romantic relationships - AA Message Board - ActiveBoard.








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