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Best looking female kpop

The women of K-pop are a formidable force: the biggest selling acts in the genre, after all, are female, and they appeal to guys and girls alike. From bubbly girls, to sex pots, to empowered ladies and divas, it's truly a mixed bag of incredibly sexy women. Here are our favorites. The 10 Sexiest Men in K-Pop. Top 20 Sexiest Female Musicians.

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Top 10 Best K-Pop Girl Groups Of All Time

Growing up, girl groups seemed more synonymous with K-Pop than boy groups. We recently made a list for the best K-Pop boy groups of all time , and that was tough. This list was even harder. Here are our top 10 best K-Pop girl groups of all time! Every generation of the Hallyu Wave has its leader s. As we get further and further into the Digital Age, the numbers get more and more important.

Especially MV view count. And when it comes to that, no one is doing better than Blackpink. Member Lisa also just became the first K-Pop artist to reach 20 million followers on the social media platform Instagram.

So yes, you could say Blackpink is popular. Blackpink had a bit of a slow start back when they made their debut in Mostly because YG was rather stingy with giving them releases. Formed by Starship Entertainment in , Sistar out the gate earned a name for themselves for having more suggestive music, and for their tans. Yes, you heard that right. Pale skin goes over big in South Korea. Not so much.

The song debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot chart right after the formation of the chart. The girls would go on to find their niche; summer hits. And boy did the summer hits come. All good things come to an end though, and after the group performed their best hits and their final title track Lonely on music shows, the group disbanded in Members Soyou and Hyolyn are still active in the music industry as soloists, and Daseom and Bora have transitioned into acting.

For girl groups, none are more influential than S. S, Fin. L, and Baby Vox. T in their heyday H. T being attributed as being the idol group that made idol groups possible. Baby Vox lasted the longest, having a career that spanned across 7 years before going on hiatus and then disbanding two years later. S and Fin. L were only around for 5 years before disbanding. Unfortunately, S. S is the only group to have made a modern comeback, having done so back in Because of You earned the highly coveted Triple Crown on music shows and became one of the best-selling singles in K-Pop history.

In the year that followed Because of You, several sub-units were formed. The most successful of these sub-units was Orange Caramel. Afterschool had a largely mature image, but Orange Caramel went the down the cutesy route. And they pulled it off. For several years, Orange Caramel was extremely successful and enjoyed a lot of popularity.

So much so, that they kind of overshadowed the main group. In , graduation came for all of the members of Afterschool. In , all of the members turned their attention to individual activities after group promotions came to a stiff halt. And that halt never ended. Instead Afterschool did. A couple weeks ago, former member Lizzy confirmed that the group unofficially disbanded back in And so ended another second-generation legend.

Just like with our seventh-place Afterschool, the Brown-Eyed Girls have their own iconic song: Abracadabra. For several years, the group enjoyed moderate success, but it was in with the release of Abracadabra that the group became superstars. The Abracadabra era marked a change in Brown-Eyed Girls image, and from then, developed a reputation for their mature and suggestive themes.

At the time it was fairly controversial. Following Abracadabra, the group members began to focus a lot on individual activities. Most notably, are members Gain and Narsha. Gain has enjoyed a long career as a popular solo singer, and Narsha has become a popular variety show host. Due to the focus on individual activities, BEG began to slow down, with there being a 2-year wait before the release of their next three albums. The group held a special anniversary concert in for their ten-year anniversary, but have not released another album since Thankfully, the group has not disbanded.

I know I know, another spot held by more than one idol group? You try picking only ten groups! Which group is better pretty much comes down to musical preference which varies for everyone. Red Velvet has made a name for themselves thanks to their musical versatility. The name Red Velvet represents two aspects of the group, with the Red being the cutesy side, and the Velvet being the mature side.

TWICE, on the other hand, thrives on the back of their bubbly discography, releasing mostly upbeat pop songs. Despite having made their debut less than 4 years ago, TWICE is already the best-selling girl group of all-time in Korea, having recently surpassed the record sales set by S. For the first two years of their career. KARA did not receive much critical or commercial success. But the group pushed forward, and the K-Pop world finally took note of the group after the release of their classic single Honey.

The infectiously catchy song shot KARA to stardom nearly overnight and gave them their first number one hit. In their early years, KARA had a pure and angelic appearance, but they started to mature in theme in the aftermath of Honey. They followed up on the success of Honey, with the release of their song Mister. By this point, everyone was all aboard the KARA hype train. KARA would bring the fun over to Japan in , and enjoyed massive success over there as well.

The group won numerous rookie of the year awards, and with the single Jet Coaster Love became the first foreign girl group to top the Oricon in the first week of release. That is quite the achievement, to say the least. All of the members of KARA have remained active in the entertainment industries of Korea and Japan, but there is no concrete information about a comeback.

Hara was recently in the news after it was revealed that she attempted to take her own life after a bout with depression. The attempt was not successful, and Hara could use all the support and love that she can get.

Debuting with the track Irony , a very late s sounding song Yes, this is a good thing the group saw immediate success thanks to Irony, and their first huge hit Tell Me. As the world would soon find out. Both songs were huge hits, but Nobody would become one of the most important K-Pop songs to date. The song was released in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English, and Nobody would go on to chart at number 76 on the Billboard Hot This made it the first ever K-Pop song to ever crack into the Billboard Hot The level of popularity Nobody had back in the day is impossible to accurately describe.

The Wonder Girls reigned as queens of K-Pop for a time and held a successful world tour. In , the group unfortunately lost member Sunmi, who decided to leave in order to pursue her academic studies. She was replaced by a new member Hyerim, and the group would continue on. Their album Wonder World, spawned the lead single Be My Baby which showcased more of the retro sound that the Wonder Girls were known for. During this time period, the Wonder Girls had a lot of international promotions which caused their South Korean promotions to decline.

In early , leader Sunye became pregnant and married her boyfriend of two years. As a result of this, the Wonder Girls went on hiatus. In late , member Sohee decided to leave the group, and a year later, Sunye announced her retirement from the entertainment industry. In , Sunmi would rejoin the group and the Wonder Girls made a comeback with the album Reboot. The album was well-received an enjoyed a healthy amount of success, and it seemed like the Wonder Girls were back.

The group released one final single, Draw Me as an anniversary gift to fans on February 10 th , and then the Wonder Girls were no more. With the exception of Sunye, all of the members of the Wonder Girls remain active in the entertainment industry. With Sunye being a wife and mother to three children, it is highly doubtful she would ever return for a wonderful reunion. The legacy left by the Wonder Girls is undeniable.

They more than deserve their spot as one of the greatest K-Pop groups of all-time. You might not believe in considering the way YG is now, but back in the day, YG was very picky on debuting idol groups. Even before making their debut, 2NE1 was dubbed the female Big Bang. The group had a lot of expectations to live up to. And these gals met the challenge head-on.

The 15 Hottest KPOP Girls in the Entire World

It is playing an imperative role in the economy of Korea by providing healthy entertainment to the audience not in its own country but in the whole world. The country is setting the stage for the perception of beauty with their stunning ladies; i. The Korean actresses are appreciated for their attractiveness, mysteriousness, and sexy look. However, Korean actresses could be of a big mystery for European spectators.

Growing up, girl groups seemed more synonymous with K-Pop than boy groups. We recently made a list for the best K-Pop boy groups of all time , and that was tough.

Who says men are the only ones who can be ab goals? First on the list, we have Sandara Park! If Park Bom was in charge of legs, then Sandara was definitely in charge of abs. Can you say super-defined abs?

21 Sexiest Female K-Pop Artists

K-Pop girl groups have become a global phenomenon thanks to their addictive melodies, production values, visually stunning choreography, and the exceptional beauty of their members. Here's the list of top 10 most popular and beautiful K-Pop female idols who will make your jaw drop! With her beautiful glowing face, she even made it to the top prettiest idol ranks in the country. Also, she often appears in public with no makeup. This beauty is not only the vocalist, lead dancer and face of the group, but she has also starred in TV dramas like Ugly Alert and Orange Marmalade ! In the past, she was a part of another Korean group called I. I, which was formed through the survival show Produce

Who is the prettiest female idol?

At the time of their fame, they were viewed as the female version of H. The band released six albums in Korea and five albums in Japan , demonstrating their bilingual talent. Also known as SNSD, this eight formerly nine member girl band represents a sweet, softer and effervescent side of K-Pop. Its music video was the first ever by a girl group to gain more than million views on YouTube. With Kelly.

K-pop girl groups refer to South Korea 's all-female idol groups who account for a large portion of the K-pop industry.

Xhyniie has been a Kpop fan since and a K-drama fan since She enjoys writing about the Korean entertainment industry. Kpop idols are not just musically talented, but are also naturally beautiful.

Top 10 Most Beautiful K-Pop Female Idols (2020)

Once you see who the most beautiful girls in K-pop are, your jaw will drop! You might also be interested in voting the hottest guys in K-pop as well. Hot girls dancing around in short and tight outfits?

But many overlook the fact that these idols, at least a majority of them, struggled a lot before they became famous. As such, for female idols, many of them struggle with being discriminated against for their gender. While it is true that both genders suffer some form of hardship, the differences vary greatly for female idols. Nevertheless, the struggles they face are worth the experience of becoming a famous KPOP idol. Most female KPOP idols have the dream of being a famous singer or dancer.

Top 15 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses

Who is the prettiest female idol? Yoona — SNSD. Gahyun — ALiKE. Chaeyeon — DIA. Sejeong — Gugudan. Eunbin — CLC. Hayoung — Apink.

Hottest Female Kpop Group. The Top Ten. 1 Girls' Generation Girls' Generation, also known as SNSD, was formed in South Korea.

Well, not only are these girls talented, well trained but they are also extremely beautiful! How do they do it? Is it that amazing Korean diet , beautiful skin from their step beauty routine, amazing natural genes? Who knows! When Jaekyung dropped out of Nine Muses everybody was wondering who could replace her?







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