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The Strongest Man in India

How Manoj Chopra went from male beauty contests and fistfights to flipping cars and inspiring millions of Indians.

He wears shiny black track pants, a red sleeveless jersey, and a black short-sleeved button-down shirt designed to conceal his thick upper arms before he takes the stage. A few thousand people have turned out for the event.

The strongman is 45 years old, 6-foot-6, and pounds, with a droopy mustache perched over a rounded cleft chin. Among a sea of supporters, he appears to be a giant. It remains a contentious issue, though it has largely left the public spotlight. A theme song befitting that of a wrestling superstar blares out from the speakers. Chopra takes off his black cover-up and walks briskly across the grass and up the short flight of stairs onto the stage.

In , at the Strongman World Cup in Canada, he placed 14th in the world. A new, upbeat melody that sounds like the soundtrack to a magic show starts to play. Chopra walks to the front of the stage, peers out at the crowd, and begins to rip the book apart inch by inch. He goes down on one knee, then stands again, as he balances the directory on his broad chest.

His breath becomes short and shallow. Beads of sweat trickle down his temples as his eyes bulge. The crowd roars when he raises his arms on each side, showing off the crumpled pages of the directory squashed in his fingers. He had accomplished the feat in less than 30 seconds. In , at his home in Bengaluru formerly Bangalore , six cars he owned for his travel agency were involved in accidents on the same day. Chopra was distraught. He had moved to Bengaluru in from his hometown of Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, a steel-producing state in central India, because he had wanted to go into the tourism industry.

With no cars, he had no means of earning an income, and no money to cover the massive cost of paying to repair the cars. He often found himself in fistfights, and once beat up his opponent so badly he landed in jail. He felt dejected and lonely. His mother told him he had tarnished his good name, and his family and friends shunned him.

Strongman contests have their participants perform daredevil stunts that seem beyond the parameters of human strength: flipping cars , lifting giant stones , stopping vehicles from moving , using teeth to pull a car.

Racing against time is often part of the battle. Other variations of the contest focus on Olympic-style weightlifting. Chopra always knew he was strong, though perhaps not quite on that level. But something about watching the program hit him. But from my country, nobody was there.

Pradeep Baba Madhok is the former president of the Indian Bodybuilders Federation and the current president of the World Strongmen Federation, one of several strongmen organizations in the world. But only competitions recognized by the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness , he says, are legit. The IFBB was established in and has helped codify bodybuilding and other strength and physique competitions into what they are today.

Physique culture is neither about showing strength, the main purpose of achieving strongman feats, nor is it only about the body, like in bodybuilding, where the athlete displays his or her muscles in seven different poses and is judged upon that presentation.

Weight training is said to have become a national pastime in India by the 16th century. A type of Indian wrestling known as pehlwani has a centuries-long tradition as well. It was developed from a combination of 12th- and 13th-century Hindu practices with Persian wrestling the Mughals brought with them to the subcontinent in the 16th century. Babur, the first Mughal emperor, is said to have been a wrestler and ordered wrestling contests as entertainment.

More recently, Gama the Great, the stage name of the Punjabi wrestler Ghulam Muhammad, was a world champion from until about The fight for freedom played out in his body as he traveled the world stage.

The mythology helped contradict colonial stereotypes that Indians were listless and helped establish that there was in fact an Indian physical culture.

Universe, the grandest title for a bodybuilder. In , at the age of 16, Manoj Chopra participated and won a male beauty pageant in his home city of Raipur. It was the first and last time the city had a beauty contest of that kind, he says. It consisted of three different rounds. For two of them, he had to show himself in his best dress—blacks slacks, a white dress shirt, bow tie, and a jacket he either wore or held over his arms.

Chopra won the title of Mr. Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh, the state from which Chopra hails, was carved out of Madhya Pradesh and became devoted to the gym and training. So you should have a good physique, be slim, and look good.

He began his bodybuilding career with a weightlifting competition in Raipur. He took first prize at the competition, and was hooked on the sport. He put aside the beauty aspect of gym culture and focused more on strength training. The next year, he became the state weightlifting and powerlifting champion. In , he won a state arm wrestling contest.

He began training and participating in different open challenges in Bengaluru and elsewhere when he could. During that time, he worked in a gas station and cleaned cars and toilets to support himself. Money was tight and he would eat meals in the middle of the day at cheap buffets. Financial struggles eventually forced Chopra to give up his WWE dreams. Back at the Easter Milan in Lucknow, Chopra did not stop any cars with his bare hands or break giant stones into pieces, both feats he once performed with regularity.

Instead, Chopra entertains the crowd with stunts that fill them with awe and laughter. Later, he balances two small boys on a metal rod that he lifts over his head and swings in circles. The crowd gasps. It is also developing a reality show to find contestants to compete in the World Strongman Federation World Cup and will have a Strongest Man of India competition in Goa in October.

But these days Chopra is less concerned with competing in strongman competitions himself. Maintaining proper health and fitness, which they also preach, goes back to the age-old idea that physical strength reinforces mental strength, and vice versa. I want to do a good thing also. Join our newsletter to get exclusives on where our correspondents travel, what they eat, where they stay. Free to sign up. In the highlands around Mumbai, practitioners of Mallakhamb perform curious acrobatic feats using poles, ropes… and castor oil.

His fans may never forgive me. Jul 10 Author: Sonia Paul ,. Waiting for Manoj Chopra. All photos by Sonia Paul. Manoj blows a hot-water bottle bag up like a balloon. A bed of nails that Manoj can lie down on to demonstrate how to bear pain — one of his stunts. Featured City Guides. More Guides.

The Strong Man

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How Manoj Chopra went from male beauty contests and fistfights to flipping cars and inspiring millions of Indians. He wears shiny black track pants, a red sleeveless jersey, and a black short-sleeved button-down shirt designed to conceal his thick upper arms before he takes the stage. A few thousand people have turned out for the event. The strongman is 45 years old, 6-foot-6, and pounds, with a droopy mustache perched over a rounded cleft chin.

Strongman (strength athlete)

Please refresh the page and retry. Eddie 'The Beast' Hall is a strong man. One of the strongest, in fact, and he proved that so by becoming the first man to ever deadlift kg under the official rules of 'strongman'. But what exactly is life like for the men who could be crowned the planet's strongest? We usually stay in the same hotel, and will have drinks and meals together most nights. If someone has forgotten a bit of kit, like their lifting straps, for instance, someone will lend them a spare. Having said that, everything changes once the whistle blows. Speed deadlifts today kg 5x3 reps! Usually 8x2 reps but this reduces training length when you've got other things to get on with.

Strongest Men in History Hoisted Cattle and Crushed Stones to Show Their Might

Despite increasing numbers of women in senior sport management positions over the past 30 years, men still remain dominant in these roles, indicating a level of gender inequity within sport management. It is often assumed within sport organizations that women are well-matched for lower level management roles, whereas men are more suited to senior management roles. In order to understand perceptions held about women's and men's abilities related to sport management, it is necessary to understand and then analyze discourses, or dominant forms of knowledge, that influence various employment roles in sport organizations. After analyzing organizational documents and transcripts from interviews with 35 employees from three national sport organizations in England, it was found that senior management roles were heavily dominated by discourses of masculinity that are linked to men and are highly valued in sport organizations.

These days, strongmen can show off their power in weightlifting competitions and WWE wrestling matches, but in earlier times, men hoisted bulls, iron wheels and seemingly immovable carts to prove their might.

We're sorry, but Freepik doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Support Contact. Portrait of handsome smiling stylish young man model dressed in red checkered shirt. Portrait of handsome smiling young man model wearing casual shirt clothes.

Strong Man Vectors, Photos & PSD

A powerful story of life under fire and one man's journey back from the brink. His Guinness Book of Records feats of strength were acclaimed internationally, and as a high ranking police officer he spent decades protecting vulnerable people around the world. But nothing could shield him from catastrophic harm in the line of duty. Rising above his tough beginnings in s suburbia, Edwards found sanctuary in elite sport.

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Strong Man Quotes

The sport of Strongman is getting more popular around the world. And for good reason! Here's everything you need to know about the sport and how to get involved. When I was a year-old, pound kid relatively new to the world of lifting weights, some friends introduced me to the underground sport known as Strongman. I was intrigued, but I never imagined myself being able to flip tractor tires or pick up cars.

13 quotes have been tagged as strong-men: Ellen J. Barrier: 'On the left side of a strong woman, stands a strong man; he is strengthened by her character.

To save this word, you'll need to log in. Coronavirus stirs old question anew. Khalifa Hifter, a special online unit affiliated with his militia, the Libyan National Army, scours Facebook for signs of dissent or for suspected Islamists.

When a strong man broke

In the 19th century, the term strongman referred to an exhibitor of strength or similar circus performers who performed feats of strength. More recently, strength athletics , also known as strongman competitions, have grown in popularity. These competitions are now composed of a variety of events in which competitors have to move the highest weights possible, the winner being the one having the highest tally across all events. In the past, strongmen would perform various feats of strength such as the bent press not to be confused with the bench press , which did not exist at the time , supporting large amounts of weight held overhead at arm's length, steel bending, chain breaking, etc.

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